and electricity quality measurements

Why are earthing measurements made and what are their benefits?

Grounding measurements are made on the basis of the law, as well as to ensure the safe operation of electrical distribution equipment, especially in failure situations, which can be e.g. network disturbances. Protections must work correctly in fault situations in order to maintain personal safety.​

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Resistance and integrity measurements of grounding systems

We perform earthing resistance measurements of transformers, which are required before the commissioning of the transformers, and after commissioning, usually every 6 years (SFS6001-NA.13). We also check the condition of the grounding systems with integrity measurements.

By measuring, it is ensured that, for example, frost, corrosion, expansion and modification work have not affected the integrity of the grounding.

In connection with grounding measurements, the grounding map is updated to reflect the current situation. The up-to-date grounding map easily shows the necessary information on the grounding systems when expansion and modification work is planned, or there are changes in the responsible personnel. Maintaining the area map is the responsibility of the manager of use, and according to the law, the map must be up-to-date.​

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Electricity quality measurements

Surges cause various problems in the electrical network, such as additional losses, which appear as heating. Other problems can be e.g. Disturbances and damage to computer and automation systems, overloading of the neutral conductor from overcurrent and resonances between compensation capacitors and the network.​

The best way to determine network harmonics is to perform harmonic measurements with different load situations. Power surges are measured from the center's input as absolute values; e.g. 250 Hz, 100 A. Voltage surges measured as total distortion % THD(U) from the center rails.​

The distribution of the surge currents produced by the surge source in different parts of the network is determined with the help of surge analysis.

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