Maintenance, repairs, conversion flexibility and reuse increase the life cycle of the products


We maintain and repair electrical distribution equipment and systems.

Regular monitoring of equipment, as well as preventive and corrective maintenance of defects, are valuing safety and the environment.


It is not always necessary to purchase your own equipment, it is worth using the services of external companies.

We rent substations, transformers, standby power machines and power stations.


Hundreds of our used devices are reinstalled every year.

The life cycle of products can be significantly extended by renewing and remanufacturing.

Circular economy

We process devices that eventually fall out of use into raw materials and components for recycling.

We have an environmental license to operate, as do our partner companies.

The measures listed above are our way of acting sustainably and offering our customers concrete measures for sustainable development.

There are many ways and we are constantly looking for new ones. 
When the company was founded, there was no general talk about sustainability and the circular economy. Times have changed and the core ideas that created the company are stronger now than ever before in our history. Over the years, the scope of our services has expanded to better meet the needs of our clients and is constantly developing. For example, our modernization focuses on the reuse and refurbishment of electricity distribution equipment. Instead of completely refurbishing devices and equipment, their individual components are refurbished. In this way, electrical power distribution equipment and devices can have a longer lifespan without sacrificing safety and usability. Thanks to such solutions, you can stay on schedule and on budget, without forgetting about environmental aspects..

We have noticed that our diverse clients have something in common when it comes to decision-making. We want to propose alternatives and encourage the implementation of projects, equipment purchases, planning and maintenance in a sustainable and safe way. In addition to various services, products and general solutions, the importance of knowledge and skills is emphasized, which have a broad impact on the challenges and opportunities faced by customers in the process of purchasing sustainable, functional and safe solutions. We are your partner even in difficult times.

Our sustainable development goals from the UN member countries' sustainable development action program - Agenda 2030

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Affordable and clean energy

Decent work and economic growth

Industry, innovations and infrastructure​

Reduced inequalities

Sustainable cities and communities

Responsible consumption and production

A responsible choice...

In a circular economy, reuse is the best possible way to use existing materials. What's the best about it? Our recycled appliances can be used in many ways and more than once. Due to the possibility of adapting, among others, main centers and substations can be used in an environmentally friendly way, not forgetting cost efficiency.

We recycle equipment and components that are not suitable for reuse as recycled raw materials through our responsible partners.

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... and safety.

All of our used devices are inspected and serviced and covered by the warranty.

Our rental service complies with the general terms and conditions of rental and service of machine rental companies.