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We stock power distribution devices for fast delivery at competitive prices. In case of power distribution disturbances, like system failure, our wide range of devices in stock, in combination with our swiftness and expertise, can save you the costs of a possible stall in production or usage. All our devices are inspected and come with a warranty. Have a look at our devices for sale!

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Our customers

We work with companies in forest and mining, metal, production, building, insurance, real estate investment, infrastructure, development and agriculture. We also have clients among cities and municipalities as well as water and power distribution.  

We focus on the domestic market, supported by international sales. 

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Main products

Our main products are distribution transformers, substations, switchgear, contactors, relays, breakers, special purpose fuses, etc.

We design and deliver changes and solutions. We deliver and install the equipment if needed. When your power distribution system needs to be renewed partly or completely, when you build or extend, or if you just want your system to function safer, more reliably and efficiently; we are here to help you. 

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We provide you with products from well-known manufacturers like ABB, VEO, Merlin Gerin, Siemens, Strömberg, Arteche, Tesar, France Fransto, Pauwels, Rade Koncar, STR, Asea, HAPAM, Stålskog, etc.

We buy

used power distribution devices and components at the daily price. 

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