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Inspections of work grounding equipment​

We carry out the inspections and repairs of mobile grounding equipment required by the SFS-EN 61230 standard. The inspection interval of work grounding equipment is defined by the manufacturer and owner of the equipment. The inspection interval is also significantly affected by the purpose of use of the tools, e.g. several operators have specified one year as the inspection interval for grounding equipment at cable construction sites, correspondingly, the inspection interval can be longer at substations etc. In the standard SFS-EN 61230, reference is made to the standard ASTM F2249, which specifically deals with the resistance measurements of work grounding ropes.

The work grounding device is inspected in accordance with the requirements of the standards SFS-EN 61230 and ASTM F2249.

We clean the device, after which we perform a visual inspection to detect possible defects. The condition of the adhesion stopper and marking is also checked. Common defects in the work earthing device include, for example, rust damage and defects in the connection points of the cable lugs, e.g. fractures and loosening. The most common damage to the grounding device is a damaged wire connection that occurs when the wire is attached. Other defects can be, for example, a damaged device cable, dirt and impact marks on removable insulating rods and grounding rods. The extension chain may also have impact marks.

In addition to the visual inspection, we perform overcurrent resistance measurements for the work earthing device.

With resistance measurements based on the guideline values of the ASTM F2249 standard for work grounding tools, we can find connection defects between conductors and connectors that remain undetected during a visual inspection. Based on the inspections we have carried out, we have found that these defects account for approx. 30% of the total number of defects leading to rejection.

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Repair of work grounding equipment

The SFS-EN 61230 standard requires that the repair of work grounding equipment with compression joints may only be carried out by the manufacturer, or by an operator authorized by the manufacturer. JT-Export Oy is authorized and trained by RAGNAR STÅLSKOG Ab to inspect and repair tools with original spare parts, as well as with compression tools for joints ordered separately by the manufacturer. The repair work is marked separately on the work grounding device, on the basis of which the repairer can be traced as required by the manufacturer of the work grounding device.​