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1000V-690V-400 V 





JT-Export Oy new name is  Uusiotek Electric Oy

Company name changed 8.5.2024 Uusiotek Electric Oy and the auxiliary name JT Export will be used for foreign trade. We'll serve customers extensively in the future.

We design and implement energy distribution systems 0.4 kV - 20 kV - 110 kV for industry, power plants and private enterprises.

With us, you have the opportunity to expand or modernize electricity distribution systems. We will design and deliver a finished product in accordance with your individual expectations.

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Uusiotek distribution devices​


MV switchgears

Low voltage panels

Oil immersed transformers

Cast resin transformers

Single devices and complete power distribution systems 

Individual solutions and fast delivery. 


Uusiotek container transformer stations

Transformer stations are perfect for the needs of production facilities, e.g. photovoltaic power plants and industries that consume large amounts of energy. They enable quick connection/replacement of transformers and trouble-free service of all devices installed inside.

Uusiotek container transformer stations are delivered with tin roof . Façade, as needed, from sheet metal to advertising space.

The development of an electrical installation plan for a transformer station is within the scope of our services. This makes the entire project construction process quick, often reducing unnecessary expenses.

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Grounding equipment

We inspect earthings devices and voltage detectors - directly at the customer's site or in our workshop.

We are authorized by Ragnar Stålskog Ab to service and periodically inspect earthing devices in Finland.

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Earthing measurements

We perform measurements of transformer resistance, as well as grounding measurements of transformer stations. Our measurement protocols and reports are transparent, and on their basis it is easy to define further actions.​

We also check whether the transformer station meets the requirements regarding the contact voltage value (UTP) (SFS 6001, Annex M). If the contact voltage requirement is not met, we will calculate the necessary additional grounding and inform you about the need for additional work.

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We buy...

We buy used and unused electrical distribution equipment:
- oil and dry type transformers
- medium voltage switchgears 
- low voltage cabinets
- low and medium voltage circuit breakers

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We rent...

We rent transformers and fully equipped transformer stations

Project configuration is based on the client's guidelines

Short and long-term rental is possible