110 kV - 20 kV - 400 V 


Suunnittelemme ja toteutamme sähkönjakelujärjestelmät teollisuuteen

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Planning and implementation

We design and implement  0,4 kV - 20 kV - 110 kV electricity distribution systems for industry and plants, and real estate.

From us, you will receive extensions, renovations and new electricity distribution systems designed and turnkey, or equipment deliveries according to your needs.

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Service and maintenance

We carry out service and maintenance work, as well as inspections, tests and measurements related to the operation and electrical safety of electricity distribution systems.

With a service and maintenance agreement, you ensure the monitoring of your electricity distribution system, maintenance and repair measures, and the necessary changes in a controlled manner.

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We perform earthing resistance measurements of transformers, as well as integrity measurements of earthing systems. Our measurement protocols and reports are clear and easy to define. As an additional service, we can find out whether the contact voltage (UTP) value requirements are met at the substation (SFS 6001 Appendix M, Mandatory). If the contact voltage value requirement is not met, we make a calculation of the required earthing increase.

In addition, we perform relay tests, battery capacity tests, power quality measurements and condition monitoring of measuring transformers.

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Distribution cabinets

We design, modify, install and inspect switchgear within the 630 A to 3150 A range.

You can choose to order renewed components alone, or both renewed and brand new products. 

We offer tailor-made solutions with fast delivery.

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Earthing equipment

We inspect earthing equipment and voltage detectors at the customer's site or at our office.

We are an inspector and repairer authorized by Ragnar Stålskog Ab
We carry out repairs at our office.

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We buy

We buy used and unused power distribution equipment, such as distribution transformers, newer transformers and medium voltage switchgear.

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Rental services

We rent container and park transformers with various distribution transformers and accessories and services for a short or longer need.

We equip the equipment e.g. construction sites, infrastructure projects, mines and industry.

We also provide backup power generators and distribution boxes for maintenance outages and other needs by installation and maintenance, or by picking them up yourself.

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