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Our most common transformer sizes

ü  Container transformer 20/0,4 kV (800 ja 1000 kVA)

ü  Park transformer 20/0,4 kV (200…1250 kVA)

ü  Other available voltages 10/0,4 kV, 10/0,690 kV, 20/0,690 kV

ü  We also deliver bigger transformers, e.g. 1600 kVA etc.

Our deliveries are fast, and we do not charge extra for urgent deliveries. Rental and delivery time upon agreement. Ask for our pricing list or let us make you an offer!

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Complete delivery

We design and scale the rental transformers according to the client’s needs. We also deliver transformers based on the client’s design.

Our deliveries include earthing systems, commissioning inspections, foundations, protocols, maintenance programs and, if needed, managing services.


Additional equipment

It is possible to rent a reactive power compensator with the transformer. This is preferable if multiple motors are used. Lighting and heating can also be directed. For the safety reasons, we prefer to build the permanent site transformers (63-630 A) with underground cables.

Owner and operation manager services

The person, who possesses the electrical devices, is usually the owner. However, the possessor can also be the person who rents the electrical equipment.  
As a possessor you need to

  • Give the operation manager enough means to lead and to supervise the use, service and maintenance actions. 

  • Make sure to check that the condition and safety of the electrical system, and to report and fix faults as fast as possible

  • Ensure that there is an electrical safety maintenance program for the equipment beforehand

  • Ensure to report compulsory inspections and possible changes to the authorities

  • Ensure to provide the operations manager with all information concerning construction, alternation and repair work and inspections relating to the above


The operations manager is, on behalf of him- or herself and the possessor, responsible for ensuring that

  • The condition of the electrical devices is monitored

  • Flaws and faults are taken care of rapidly

  • The people working with the devices have the required skills and knowledge

  • There is a scheduled maintenance program that covers the system as a whole

  • It is safe to use the devices and that required service and maintenance actions are taken and documented

  • Commissioning and other inspections are conducted

  • Inspection protocols are delivered to the possessor and that documented flaws are taken care of

  • The notifications that the possessor is required to do, are done

  • haltijalle on luovutettu tarkastuspöytäkirjat ja havaitut puutteet on korjattu

  • haltijan velvoitteisiin kuuluvat ilmoitukset tehdään

  • Tools, drawings, maps and instructions are available and up to date

Maintenance services 

If the client does the operation managing, you can make a maintenance contract with us. 

Included in the maintenance contract is

  • Oil level checks and oil dryer inspections

  • Oil leakage spotting

  • Sf6 gas pressure check

  • Temperature inspections 

  • Lock inspections

  • Warning labels 

  • Cable insulation inspections

  • Air filter inspections

  • Overall tidiness

  • Air dryer service

  • Operation and safety device inspections

Included in maintenance every second year

  • Infrared photography 

  • Testing of circuit breakers

  • Inspections of railway joints

  • Inspections of disconnector devices

  • Cleaning of transformer space